singing, a journey…. I don’t think you ever stop learning as a singer, and I find it both a joy and an awesome responsibility both as a teacher and as a performer to marvel that the voice only reaches full maturity as someone hits their forties! How awesome is that! Whilst the rest of you has turned a corner and its too late in many areas the voice is just reaching its potential.  The flip side of this of course is that it is vital to handle young voices with the greatest care and respect. I am so grateful that I had three years of lessons with Ian Kennedy at the Guildhall school of music in my teens, and have then been able to call upon this base technique as I have utilised my voice for ‘pop’ technique in most of my professional life to date.  It has been wonderful to return to classical singing technique and to revisit this in it’s most intense form; opera, in the last four years.  Discovering after years of sitting low in my range and finding power down there, that actually I am a soprano and the real power actually lies at the top of my voice.  No need for amplification up there! However my ambition is to sing both opera and pop authentically from a supported place, without either style sounding compromised by the other.  No mean ambition!  Any thoughts on this would be appreciated….

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