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Recording at the Lime House Studios

Over the years I have worked with some amazing and wonderful musicians, but as an independent artist I have always had to do every recording on a shoestring. Generally we’ve managed to get some pretty good results, but there’s usually been a compromise of quality somewhere along the line. This week has been a dream come true, thanks to my… Read more →

Really enjoyed being interviewed by Christina Ghidoni last Sunday.  Chatted a little about my life and some of my favorite songs and artistes who have influenced me.  Here they are, have a listen in; Phil Collins – ‘In the air tonight’ who inspired me as a kid to start writing songs, The Corrs – ‘Heaven knows’ who got me playing… Read more →

Lime House Studio recording

Life is currently very exciting for me.  Working with my new manager, Geof Dingle, I am in a good place of creativity, writing better songs and looking forward to recording them and getting the opportunity to perform them live in the UK and locally in Jersey. Read more →


It has been really great to get a week away in France, and to get off the rock as Jersey is affectionately known!  First time since the summer and we needed it!  How great to see miles and miles of road stretching before us, to see distant countryside and rolling hills….a real pleasure!  What was even more wonderful was seeing… Read more →


singing, a journey…. I don’t think you ever stop learning as a singer, and I find it both a joy and an awesome responsibility both as a teacher and as a performer to marvel that the voice only reaches full maturity as someone hits their forties! How awesome is that! Whilst the rest of you has turned a corner and… Read more →